Customized Waterstone 12-String Basses

Waterstone 12-string bass with Light Show conversion

Light Show Conversion

This modification was done by luthier Paul Wilczynski in California for bassist Tom Petersson to use on stage with Cheap Trick. Paul has done a number of Light Show conversions on Rickenbackers and other instruments. Based upon the standard Rickenbacker 330 Light Show guitar, it utilizes color organ circuitry with 15 high intensity LED's. The light show electronics require a stomp box for the voltage conversion.

Paul told us, "I thought Tom was going to use in on the Anniversary Tour, but it turns out he was 100% wireless, something that I wasn't clued in on when I was asked to build it." The conversion was completed as a high priority job in about 10 days.

Tom Petersson’s custom Peacock finish Waterstone 12-string bass

Tom Petersson’s Peacock Custom finish

This gemstone-encrusted customized Waterstone 12-string bass was nicknamed “The Peacock” because it was made for Cheap Trick's scheduled performance on NBC's “The Tonight Show with Conan O'Brien”, but O’Brien left the TV network prior to Cheap Trick’s appearance on the show.

Ron Johnson’s Custom Plaid finish Ozone 12

Ron Johnson’s custom Plaid finished Waterstone Ozone 12-string bass

Pekka Ranta’s Waterstone 12 with Mikkihouse pickups

Terry Sawbones Grant’s Checkerboard pick guard

The truss rod cover is also the checkerboard pattern.

Custom Pearloid Tuning Machines

Gold Ludwig Drum covering Finish

Rick Nielsen’s “Disco Dick” guitar and one of Tom Petersson’s Waterstone 12-string basses were finished in the same Ludwig drum covering as Bun E. Carlos’ drum kit.