Mary’s Magnet

Mary’s Magnet

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  • Bassist

  • 12-string bass

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  • Mary’s Magnet

  • New York, New York, USA

  • Mary’s Magnet

  • 1998

  • Rock

  • None

  • Tony Senatore

  • Hamer B12L

  • Since You’ve Been Lost, It’s Your Vision, K-9 Affection, Descent


Tony told us, “I played the 12-string bass for the first time ever with Mary's Magnet live as well as in the studio back in 1994. I used the 12-string on four songs. On ‘It's Your Vision’ I started to experiment with layering the 12-string bass with a fretless bass.”

Editor’s note: This band included guitarist Andy Rothstein of Rothstein Guitars, builder of the Rothstein Andromeda 12-string bass.