Džuboks Magazine

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  • Cheap Trick - an excellent trick

  • Džuboks

  • Socialist Federal Republic of Yugoslavia

  • Vol. 81

  • February 1, 1980

  • 48-49


Founded in 1966, Džuboks was the first magazine in the Socialist Federal Republic of Yugoslavia dedicated predominantly to rock music, and was the first rock music magazine to be published in any communist country. Written in Serbo-Croatian. The final issue was published in 1985.

Tom Petersson on stage with the Hamer B12A 12-string bass.

This article is mostly a review of the albums released by Cheap Trick. One song in particular is mentioned, ‘I Know What I Want and I Know How To Get It’ with the comment, “This will become the favorite slogan of the new generation in the eighties”. After living under such a repressive regime for so long I can see why the author would gravitate towards this opinion.