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  • Cheap Trick

  • Trouser Press

  • USA

  • No. 31

  • August, 1978

  • 18-23, 54


The article is an extensive history of Cheap Trick’s history, gigs, funny stories and studio recording adventures. Tom Peterson is pictured in a photo holding the Hamer Quad 12-String Bass, plus the prototype Hamer 10-String Bass is also visible.


February 1978 Issue

The article about Cheap Trick includes this quote referencing the Hamer prototype 10-string bass: “More than any other facet of the band, it’s the creative bass playing of Tom Petersson that most defines the Cheap Trick sound and raises the group way above the rest of the hard rock contenders. Currently wielding a newly-designed 10-string axe, he gets lots of chords and guitar-like sounds out of his bass in a style that could have been learned from John Entwistle. Instead of speed he’s got ideas, and in many sections of the album what sounds like overdubbed guitar is actually Tom’s bass work.”