Galveston 12-String Basses

Unsung Musical Instruments started producing 12-string basses under the Galveston brand name in 2000. Galveston is a brand name reportedly owned by a musical instrument distributor in the Midwest USA. There are at least 11 different varieties of Galveston 12’s that have been seen - many more than for any other brand of 12-string bass produced by Unsung.

Type 1 Antique Sunburst

Type 1 Natural

Second Series in Antique Sunburst

Galveston Type 3 Antique Sunburst with the 5-knob electronics

Galveston was the only Unsung brand to offer a left-handed 12-string bass; Transparent Black finish.

Galveston 12’s have a separate cover for the battery compartment.

One production run (Type 2) included dot inlays instead of the bat-wing style inlays. These have only been seen on basses in the Natural finish.

Bolt-on neck

Galveston 12 signed by Doug Pinnick of King’s X.