Nosiglia Guitars 12-String Bass

2013 Custom Nosiglia 12-string bass

Nosiglia Guitars is located in Valencia, Spain. The story of this 12-string bass is best told by the owner of Nosiglia Guitars, Gastón Nosiglia. "My name is Gastón Nosiglia, but everybody calls me 'Gas'. I've been repairing guitars since 2009 and building since 2012. I have a small workshop where I like to build multi-stringed instruments."

Gastón Nosiglia plays his custom 12-string bass.

"My first experience with a 12-string bass was a 32" scale Waterstone TP-12, a good bass for beginners but I needed something better overall. Better action, better sound, no neck diving, no potentiometers and a solid-body type sound. This project took me three years to complete (mostly design) and it was my first instrument construction.

Dual truss rods.

The design is inspired by the lovely Hamer B12A - the sexiest 12-string body ever! As you can see in the photos, the body is chambered but has no "F holes” on it. My goal was to have the lightest weight I could possibly get because the body is huge (15.7" by 19.6" by 1.6" thick)."

Hipshot Ultralite tuners have been combined with Gotoh tuners.

"People ask me about electronic controls a lot. I do not like knobs or pots. Especially for a live playing situation, I prefer switches. The electronics work like this, neck to bridge:

  • 1st switch: On / Off

  • 2nd switch: Neck Pickup coil selector: Parallel / series / single coil

  • 3rd switch: Pickup selector 3-position

  • 4th switch: Bridge Pickup coil selector: Parallel / series / single coil."

"After completion, the bass had no neck diving at all and weighed 11.6 lbs. This bass is just a prototype that I have used to test different electronic configurations, hardware and finishes. My plan is to have a final model by January of 2016."


  • Mahogany body with Ivory binding

  • Maple bolt-on neck with carbon fiber reinforcement - 2 dual truss rods

  • Rosewood fingerboard with no inlays, 34” long scale, bone nut

  • Schaller 471 8-saddle bridge

  • Delano Musicman-type pickups

  • Hipshot Ultralite and Gotoh tuners

  • Nitro finish, Black with matching headstock

Thanks, Gas!