Custom 12-String Bass by Matthias Haydn

This custom 12-string bass was built by Matthias “12stringbassman” Haydn from Germany in 2005 using his own very cool body design. It incorporates 34'“ long scale neck through body construction with 26 frets. American walnut body with flamed maple wings. Ebony fingerboard.

Two Kent Armstrong soap-bar humbuckers, balance, volume, bass and treble pots. The angled headstock is jointed to the neck with a dovetail groove and has a binding made of the same piece of ebony as the fingerboard.

Matthias writes, “A special feature are two cigarette burns under the e- and E-strings. After doing that, I quit smoking.... ;-)”

The truss rod cover on the lower neck includes four frets, extending the playing range. There are two dual-action truss rods.

Custom 8-saddle brass bridge and tailpiece.

In addition to the standard jack, the output also includes a 5-pin jack. This XLR-connector is used for powering the electronics using the pre-amps power supply.

Kluson tuners. Matthias stated that the headstock design is a copy of the Dean Rhapsody 12 headstock, and he got the idea for using this design from this website.