Metal Corner

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  • 12-string bass

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  • Shalini

  • Kernersville, North Carolina, USA

  • Metal Corner

  • 2004

  • Rock

  • 827331042529

  • Shalini Chatterjee, Mitch Easter

  • Chandler Royale

  • I Wanna Be Near You (Shalini), Downed (Mitch)


Shalini Chatterjee and her Chandler Royale 12-string bass

This Chandler Royale 12-string bass has an interesting history. A photo of it was included in the book American Basses - An Illustrated History & Player’s Guide by Jim Roberts which was published in early 2003. The 12 was then sent to Tom Hamilton of Aerosmith to use while recording. Due to tour scheduling changes, Aerosmith had to cancel the recording sessions to go on tour with KISS and Tom wasn't going to have much time to experiment with it, so he sent it back to Chandler. Mitch Easter happened to contact Adrian Chandler at Chandler Guitars at just the right time - she told him that the Royale 12 had just come back from an Aerosmith session and it was going to be the ‘shop bass’ unless he wanted to buy it. So much of life is in the timing, eh?

Recording and live sound details from Mitch Easter: “No effects, just the two amps. The Blue Matamp does the lows (middle and neck pick-ups) and the Sound City Bass Concord does the highs bridge pick-up). The latter is an interesting amp- it's a combo with a sealed speaker enclosure. I guess it's about 50 watts. It has a 'brilliant' channel which does a pretty good job of bringing out the octave strings."

Photos from the album liner notes.