Miscellaneous Information

There is a lot of information about 12-string basses that doesn’t fit neatly into a standard category so this will be the place that all the weird stuff will be accumulated. We’ll start with some collectibles.

12-String Bass Collectibles



A handful of 12-string basses have been seen in magazine advertisements over the past 40 years.


Drawings depicting 12-string basses appeared shortly after the creation of the very first Hamer Quad Bass. Now, even kids are including 12’s in their original art.


Magazine covers

A small number of music and bassist-oriented magazines include discussions of the 12-string bass, and a few even display a 12 on the front cover.


Printed Matter

Post cards, sheet music, baseball and display cards, album covers and record sleeves.

promotional items

Baseball cards, toys, buttons, and many other items include images of 12-string basses but most are very tough to find.


What is cooler than wearing a t-shirt displaying a 12? And should we start selling 12-string bass t-shirts?

Weirdly cool Stuff to Do With A 12-String Bass

Giant Sock Monkey

Build a 6-foot tall sock monkey, strap a 12-string bass on it and parade it around town.

Have a Party

Hold a baby shower celebrating the arrival of your new 12-string bass.


Create a 12-string bass action figure. As long as the bass is good, anatomical correctness of the bassist is optional.


Proclaim to the world that you rock by getting a 12-string bass tattoo, then show it off to your favorite 12-string bassist.

Set a World record

Climb to the top of this mountain - nearly three miles high - and play 12-string bass at the summit. Details coming soon!