Vox Humana Custom 12-String Bass


2011 Vox Humana custom 12-String Bass

This custom 12-string bass was built for Fred Rijsdijk of Zoetermeer, the Netherlands. While Vox Humana has built a number of instruments for Rijsdijk, this is the second triple-string bass, the first being the 18-string bass pictured below which was completed in 1999.

Bass Lines Alnico pickups, Musicman design.

Fred Rijsdijk's name and the bass build date are engraved on a plate positioned at the end of the fingerboard.

12-String Bass Specs

  • Bass is long 34” scale

  • Flamed Maple, Paduak and Purpleheart neck

  • Rosewood fingerboard

  • Body cores are Alder, front deck is Rosewood, deck on back is Flamed Koa

  • Dual carbon truss rods - Vox Humana patent design

  • Bass Lines Alnico pickups, Musicman design

  • Schack Electronics: Volume / Balance / High + Sweep/Mid + Sweep/Bass

  • Two switches per pickup

  • Phantom Alembic-style 18-volt power supply

  • High Gloss finish

Vox Humana Custom 18-String Bass

1999 Vox Humana custom 18-String Bass

Fred Rijsdijk had this custom 18-string bass built by Vox Humana in 1999. It is short scale.

The Vox Humana custom 18-string bass in action.

18-String Bass Specs

  • Bass is short scale

  • Maple, Paduak and Purpleheart neck

  • Body cores are Ash, deck is Cocobolo

  • Rosewood fingerboard

  • Dual carbon truss rods - Vox Humana patent design

  • Additional carbon pin to keep the neck straight

  • Schaller tuners

  • Bartolini pickups

  • EMG Electronics: Volume / Treble / Bass + Sweep - 2 switches for both pickups

  • Phantom 9-volt power supply (similar to Alembic)

  • High gloss finish

The 18-string and 12-string Vox Humana basses side by side.

Fred Rijsdijk with the 18-string in progress. Build photos for both basses will be included in a Tech section update.