Rothstein Guitars Custom 12-String Basses

2006 Candy Apple Red Rothstein Fretless Andromeda 12-String Bass, custom made for Tony Senatore.

Andy Rothstein of Rothstein Guitars from Woodbridge, New Jersey has built two custom Andromeda model 12-string basses. Both were designed in cooperation with and for Tony Senatore.

The first 12 completed in 2006 was a fretless, with a fretted version following in 2007.

There are totally passive electronics, and they are set up for full stereo operation. Each pickup is directed to a separate output jack and has an independent volume control and 6-position varitone. A mono / stereo mini switch allows switching to mono mode when using one amp.

Electronics can be ordered with traditional Gibson-style wiring with volume / tone for each pickup instead of volume / varitone.

Hand-wound Kent Armstrong pick-ups were included. The bass is constructed of all USA-made components.

Fretless 12-string basses are rarely encountered, and to the best of our knowledge this bass is only the second fretless triple-strung 12-string bass ever built, the first being a Hamer B12L built for Mark Rowe in 1999. Currently less than 10 fretless 12’s are known to exist.


Rothstein Andromeda specs

Candy Apple Red Finish

GHS Black Nylon Tape-wound strings for the fundamentals

Custom Gold Plated Hamer bridge

Custom Gold Plated Hamer tailpiece

Custom Gold Plated Gotoh tuners

Kent Armstrong pick-ups, Stereo operation

Passive electronics

Birds-eye Maple Fingerboard with Epoxy Coating

Ebony Binding, Bone Nut

The Andromeda fretted bass is the first 12-string bass to incorporate the Buzz Feiten tuning system. A bone nut was used. This bass has a bolt-on neck. Tony Senatore writes, "I prefer the bolt-on sound--- it adds bottom to the 12, which tends to be a little bright."