Kevin Macza


Themes From A Contemplated Life

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  • Kevin Macza

  • Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada

  • Themes From A Contemplated Life

  • 1997

  • Jazz / Classical

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  • Kevin Macza

  • Hamer B12L

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Kevin Macza with his Hamer B12L 12-string bass.

Every track on this album is a solo instrumental piece featuring the 12-string bass combined with various delay and other effects. Kevin’s Hamer B12L 12-string bass has been updated with Lane Poor pick-ups that have an amazing sound compared to the standard EMG pick-ups.

Kevin Macza (on the left) and Surf are shown here involved in intense 12-string bass negotiations at the first international 12-string bass conference held at a top secret location in Idaho in 2009. Kevin is playing Surf’s Waterstone TP-1 with Surf enjoying Kevin’s Hamer B12L. Discussions covered a wide variety of topics such as detente, global macro-economic policy, geology, 12-string basses, "close encounters" with famous players, road stories, women, mental illnesses and our favorites beers - not necessarily in that order.

While no treaties were signed, a unanimous agreement was reached that 12-string basses are tons of fun and should be more fully explored on both sides of the border. Negotiations continue...