Customized Unsung 12-String Basses

Unsung 12-string basses generally and the Galveston 12’s specifically are commonly customized. The low cost of these basses is undoubtedly the reason - if you don’t spend as much on the bass then you can spend more to personalize it. A simple change of pickups can make a big difference in the sound, and individualizing the appearance can help to make it truly your own.

Adam Fogo - Galveston with custom Musicman-style pickups

What's in a name? Just call it a "HAM'R".

Seen in a store window - more Musicman style pickups

The upper horn has an extension undoubtedly intended to counter the neck dive.

Another view of the same bass. The headstock has been refinished too.

The bass was refinished in a darker lacquer.

This Galveston in a custom rust finish with screw eyes for strap buttons was modified by a fellow in Sydney, Australia. Then he dressed up like Pyramid Head from the Silent Hill series, strapped on his 12-string bass and wandered around the city. He gets our vote for “Extreme 12ver of the Week!”


This Galveston 12 has a custom "Forester" replacement body. Customized by Alex Berezin of Moscow, Russia.

The headstock has also been modified.