Career 12-String Bass

The Career 12-string bass appeared in late 2015. At that time Unsung Musical Instruments was working to sell all remaining inventory in anticipation of the shut down of the company. Supplies of guitar and bass necks were matched up to bodies, labeled with the ‘Career’ brand name and offered to their existing dealers.

2015 Career 12-string bass

Martin Hense purchased four Career 12-string basses for his music store in Kaltenkirchen, Germany and offered them for sale on his website. He had previously worked with Unsung to offer the Hense brand of 12-string basses from his store. It is possible that these four Career 12’s are all that exist.

The Career 12’s are in the black finish. All other specs are the same as the other Unsung Series 2 basses. Hense sold these 12’s for 649 Euros without a case plus shipping.


Screen shot from the Martin’s Musik-Kiste website.

Image from the Martin’s Musik-Kiste website.