Bottom Feeder

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  • Bassist

  • 12-string bass

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  • dumBass

  • Cincinnati, Oho, USA

  • Bottom Feeder

  • 2007

  • Jazz

  • None

  • William Gilmore Weber

  • Hamer B12L

  • Anesthesia, Music (Of The Night)


The artist name is pronounced "dumb ass". Most of the songs on this album are instrumentals. A Hagstrom 8-string bass also used.

William writes, “Back in 2001 I started a project in which I wanted to do a release that would use nothing but bass guitars. I did a few tracks, got discouraged with the process, and gave up. That is until 2007 when I was able to get my hands on several different types of basses to record with in hopes of adding a little more depth to my ideas. So, I was able to add 12-string, 8-string, 6-string and 4-string string basses to the mess. It was an on again/off again love-hate relationship, but after years of neglect and frustration I finally finished the project.”