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  • Cheap Trick - The Madcap Maniacs of Rock

  • Groupie Rock Magazine

  • USA

  • Vol. 1, No. 4

  • May, 1979

  • 38-40, 89-90


There are no photos of Tom Petersson in this issue. There is however an interesting excerpt: “Preoccupied with his instrument, Tom Petersson, Cheap Trick’s bass player, struts back and forth with confidence. He occasionally cruises into the audience much to the delight of fans. Tom plays the only 12-string bass in existence, a custom-made ball hammer. With it Tom is able to play all the great bass riffs and chords heard on their albums. Although a superb bassist, off stage Tom is quite critical of his performance as well as that of the band. When asked about his dream band (excluding any and all members of Cheap Trick) he answered, ‘Drums - Thom Mooney, Guitars - Jeff Beck, Captain Beefheart - Vocals, and myself of course… and cellos.”

Petersson did later work with drummer Thom Mooney on the ‘Tom Petersson and Another Language’ project. They had worked together in the pre-CT band The Nazz and perhaps they had already being discussing just such a possibility. It’s also interesting that, somewhere along the way in this particular magazine’s journey, somebody has written in ‘Rick Nielsen’ as the band’s bassist. It is unknown why this was done but we can think of a couple of reasons…