MI-5 12-String Basses

Musicvox MI-5 12-string bass in the Sky Blue finish.

New item announcement from Bass Player magazine.

Musicvox MI-5 12-String Bass

Musicvox added the model MI-5 12-string bass to their product catalog in 2013. This bass is modeled after Musicvox’s MI-5 12-string guitar which is one of their most popular models. The prototype MI-5 12-string bass was produced in the seafoam green finish with an additional five colors being added later.

Like Musicvox's other 12-string basses, the MI-5 basses incorporate locking tuners for all 12 strings, although the prototype sea foam green basses have locking tuners for the fundamental strings only. Long 34” scale.

MI-5 Prototype at the NAMM show.

Prototype headstock.

Prototype has locking tuners on fundamental strings.

Production basses have locking tuners on all 12 strings.

Serial numbers on the MI-5 12-string basses are found centered on the back of the headstock.

MI-5 Finish Colors

All six colors of the MI-5 12-string bass side by side at the Musicvox warehouse.

Red Metallic


Sky Blue

Silver Super Sparkle

Royal Blue

Seafoam Green

MI-5 Specs

  • Mahogany body, maple neck, rosewood fingerboard with block pearloid inlays

  • Triple bound body and headstock, bound neck, long scale 34”

  • Neck through body construction, two truss rods

  • Active and Passive electronics, dual outputs, 3-band EQ in Active mode

  • Active bass humbucker pickups

  • Locking tuners, brass nut

  • 8-saddle fully adjustable bass bridge

  • Made in Indonesia

Screen shot from the Musicvox website including a Sky Blue MI-5 12-string bass.