CHP Zenith 12000


California Highway Patrol Zenith 12000

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  • Judge Unger Rocks

  • CHP Zenith 12000

  • USA

  • Vol. 48, No. 5

  • September / October 2001

  • 24-25


Odell Robinson and the band Judge Unger are highlighted in a two-page feature in the September / October 2001 edition of California Highway Patrol Zenith 12000. It includes a photo of Odell and his Hamer CH-12 12-string bass which includes the caption, “Robinson showcases the unique sounds of his 12-string guitar for the audience”.

After a tour of 17 years in the Marine Corps, Robinson became a commercial vehicle inspection specialist for the State of California at the Cordelia Inspection Facility. His daily work with law enforcement personnel gave him the recognition that resulted in this article. Odell stated, “They kid me about being the rock star who inspects trucks.”

Editor’s note: “Zenith 12000” was the first statewide telephone number in California for emergency calls, it preceded today’s “911”. Since 1954, the Zenith 12000 bi-monthly magazine has featured the accomplishments of the California Highway Patrol and the achievements of its employees.