Discontinued 12-String Bass Strings

Paramount Strings

Paramount brand round-wound strings were made in Korea; their 12-string bass set appeared on eBay in May, 2008. 34" long scale.

Fundamentals: G .045, D .065, A .080, E .105

Octaves: G .018, D .024, A .034, E .044

Paramount octave strings had smaller guitar-sized ball ends which were too small to work properly with tailpieces on some basses.

Everly Strings

Everly brand 12-string bass strings appeared very briefly on eBay and were sold on The Music Farm website. In addition to the 12-string sets, this retailer also sold string sets for 8-string basses. They bought strings in bulk and repackaged them under their own brand name.

When we contacted Everly for information we were told that Everly Strings does not allow their strings to be repackaged or sold under any different brand names. Shortly thereafter these strings disappeared from The Music Farm site.