2,000 Guitars - The Ultimate Collection

2009 edition

2015 edition

2,000 Guitars - the Ultimate Collection

2,000 Guitars - The Ultimate Collection is a large 13” by 10” coffee table book packed with photos of cool and rare guitars. It is found in at least two printings. This book is a collaboration of more than a dozen famous guitar collectors and writers. Histories of the guitar companies are included, along with detailed descriptions of the most interesting instruments.

One 12-string bass is included, a Hamer B12S, in the transparent cherry finish that was the standard finish offered for this model.

The Ultimate Guitar Sourcebook

This coffee table style picture book was written by Tony Bacon and was published in 2012. As Bacon was a major contributor to the 2,000 Guitars - The Ultimate Collection books above, many of the photographs and details are identical. This Sourcebook also includes just one photo of a 12-string bass, the transparent cherry red finish Hamer B12S, with a short description added.