The Innuendos

Live in Hyde Park

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  • Bassist

  • 12-string bass

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  • The Innuendos

  • Boise, Idaho, USA

  • Live in Hyde Park

  • 2013

  • Rock & Country cover tunes

  • None

  • Region 0

  • Mark “Surf” Rowe

  • Emerald Guitars acoustic 12

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This show was captured by ‘accident’ at the Hyde Park Street Fair in Boise, Idaho. It documents the first live performance of Surf playing the Emerald Guitars acoustic 12-string bass. A friend of Innuendos singer Anya Oates, Rob Elsworth, brought his camcorder to the festival and recorded the show. The other band members were not aware that the show was being filmed.

The video turned out to be of sufficiently good audio and video quality to create this DVD. The Emerald Guitars acoustic 12-string bass is show on the front cover. The film’s audio was not edited so the 12 is a bit light in the mix at times. This DVD was never released for commercial sale.

Surf and his Emerald Guitars acoustic 12-string bass. Photo by Max A. Chavez.

Editor’s note: The band name ‘The Innuendos’ was derived from the band logo which included four roosters and a cat - yes, four cocks and a pussy. No roosters or cats were harmed in the making of this film.