300 Ft Gorilla

Toy Remains

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  • Bassist

  • 12-string bass

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  • 300 Ft Gorilla

  • Newcastle Upon Tyne, England, UK

  • Toy Remains

  • 2014

  • Rock

  • 887516981470

  • Neil Lough

  • Hamer Chaparral CH-12

  • Eagle And Dove


Neil Lough with his Hamer CH-12 12-string bass. A 300 Ft Gorilla poster is in the background.

Neil writes, “I'm just writing to thank you for your fantastic resource in 12stringbass.net. I have been a long time fan of King’s X so have been a long time admirer of the instrument and finally got one in 2013. I absolutely love it and use it live and on recordings occasionally.”

“The 12-string was featured in the opening track (Eagle & Dove) of our 2014 album ‘Toy Remains’ and 12stringbass.net was instrumental in me getting the sound on to the recording through the Sam Taylor interview. (I am also our producer). I ended up tri-amping the 12-string and then adding a regular bass on to the recording too. It sounds huge!!!”

“Funny album this one as we were kind of writing as we recorded, so it had quite a long gestation period! Probably around a year to finish it from the initial recordings, but we were doing other projects at the same time. We rent a cottage very year in the middle of the countryside and live in there and jam and record and see what happens, then get the drums and anything else we can recorded while we're there. Hoping to get our next album underway at the end of April.”

“The photo for the cover was taken in Glasgow, Scotland. It was designed by our last singer Hutch, who lives up there. He does all our artwork and is a very talented designer.”