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  • Cheap Trick Cheap Trick

  • Dark Star Magazine

  • United Kingdom

  • Volume 4, Issue 2 - Number 20

  • May, 1979

  • 24-30


Dark Star Magazine was a music magazine published for 26 issues between 1975 and 1981. It was edited by Steve Burgess and featured record reviews and music news mostly from the American music scene.

The Hamer 12-string Quad Bass is visible behind Petersson, who is playing the Alembic 8-string bass.

In this article, Burgess spends a considerable amount of time discussing the history of Cheap Trick, reviews songs from the Dream Police album, and then he interviews Rick and Bun. The article is quite good but there is not one mention of the 12-string bass. There is one photo that barely shows the Hamer Quad Bass, plus another showing Petersson playing the Alembic 8-string bass.