12-String Bass Discography

Relatively few albums have been released that include a 12-string bass. There are in fact so few albums that it may be possible for a comprehensive listing to be made. Typically the 12 is used on only a few songs on any given album. Only a handful of albums include the 12-string bass on every song.

This section is an attempt to document every album that includes at least one song recorded with a 12-string bass. Major label as well as independent albums are covered. Some of these independently released albums are now out of print and tough to find.

It should also be noted that, while some tunes were certainly recorded with a 12-string bass, it may be difficult to distinguish the typical 12 sound. This can be due to a variety of factors such as the amount of distortion used, overlapping guitar parts, producers who don't understand how to work a 12-string into the mix, etc.

This project will undoubtedly take time to complete and your help is needed! If you know of an album that should be listed, please let us know.


Please listen to all the albums shown here. This will count towards your Music Appreciation course credits. I mean, if you don’t appreciate 12-string bass music, then why are you here?