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  • Musicvox Space Cadet 12

  • Bass Player Magazine

  • USA

  • Volume 24, No. 8

  • August, 2013

  • 52-53


This issue features a review of the Musicvox Space Cadet 12-string bass. A couple of comments from the review: “Once I plugged in, I finally understood the appeal of this massive bass. Sure, players like Petersson, dUg Pinnick, Jeff Ament, and Allen Woody have opened our ears to this instrument’s possibilities, but there’s nothing like p lugging in, turning up, and hitting three notes at once with big bottom and bright highs.”

“Something about the 12 seemed to inspire Middle Eastern and Indian scales and modes, especially when the treble strings were slightly detuned.”


August 1998, Vol. 9, No. 8

In his interview Jeff Ament says, “Sometimes it can be strange to bounce from 12-string to electric upright, but then when I go to the fretted 4-string I think, wow, this is so easy to play.”

Ament states that the song ‘Jeremy’ from the album Ten is one of his Top-5 studio songs: “I was so in love with my Hamer 12-string at that time. I was experimenting with harmonics and tones and room miking - just being allowed to be creative, without any pressure.”

July 1997, Vol. 8, No.7

This issue includes an interview with Tom Petersson which is titled, “ When Four Strings Aren’t Enough”. It includes photos of his first Chandler Royale 12-string bass. You can read this interview in its entirely in the Articles section.


Dec. 2011, Vol. 22, No.13

Jeff Ament answers the question, “Will you be taking a 12-string bass on your tour?” His response: “Yeah, for a few songs off the first album, and for songs like ‘Leash’, ‘Brother’, and ‘Hold On’. I’m actually playing it more now than I have for 10 or 12 years, which is really fun.”


Nov. 2011, Vol. 22, No. 11

Frank Bello of Anthrax plays 12-string bass. In this interview, to the statement “Tom Petersson is another one of your big influences”, Frank replies, “I’m listening to In Color all the time now. Petersson’s got that piano-like sound that cuts through, and it’s really heavy. When I meet my heroes I ask 1,000 questions and he told me that a lot of what I thought were 8- and 12-string basses were actually 4-strings. On “He’s A Whore”, for example, you’d think that’s an 8-string, but it’s a straight 4-string.


Aug. 2002, Vol. 13, No. 8

In the interview with King’s X bassist Doug Pinnick, the interviewer states, “Pinnick was once known for playing 8- and 12-string basses, but has been playing custom Yamaha BB1200S 4’s for the last few years, and he is currently switching over to custom-built ESP’s.”

Editor’s note: Shortly after this interview was published, and possibly motivated by this interview, John Gaudesi of the Yamaha Custom Shop built a 12-string bass for Doug to keep him from straying too far towards the ESP brand. It is the only 12-string bass that Yamaha has ever produced.