Silver Star 12-String Basses

Silver Star was the “house brand” of Unsung Musical Instruments. The Silver Star name is found on all instruments that were factory demos or sales samples, instruments displayed at trade shows, and those shown in the Unsung catalog. Since 12-string basses with the Silver Star brand name were never intended to be sold by retailers, very few were built. In fact, outside of this photo we have never seen two Silver Star 12’s in the same photo before.

First series 12-string bass, first series 8-string bass, second series 12-string bass.


Catalog photo

The model number USB-12B is used for 12's produced under all of the Unsung brand names. Presumably the "12B" designation means "12-strings - Bolt-on neck".

All of these brands feature rosewood fingerboards. Most have bat-wing inlays and switchable active / passive electronics.

Tune-o-matic style 8-saddle bridge, 24 frets, 12-hole tailpiece, 34" scale.

There are several different Silver Star logos that have the name in either block letters or italic script. Typically the Silver Star name has been screen printed onto the pickups but it was not done on every bass.