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Since its inception in 2003 this site has been focused on spreading the gospel about the 12-string bass, an instrument whose potential is still in its infancy and is just now starting to be recognized. Consequently, we have never pasted our logo or watermarks on any of our photos, nor have we installed any kind of downloading protection on our content, or warned people about infringing on our copyrights, or otherwise restricted anyone from using any of the information that has been collected. The free flow of ideas benefits everyone, and the knowledge that it presented here in the 12-String Bass Encyclopedia is meant to be shared. This resource is not exclusive, which means to keep some people out, it is inclusive! We want this information to be used to create new and exciting music and instruments and experiences.

We can’t do this alone - we need your help. There are many ways that you can participate in the 12-string bass fun! Did you buy or build a cool new 12? Or are you playing your 12-string bass at your band’s gigs? Send us some photos and details that we can share. Did you use your 12 in your recordings? We’d love to have a copy of your album to include in the Discography. Have you discovered some new gear that works well? Write a review. Maybe you’d like to share the journey that led to your discovery of the 12-string bass. Write an article.

Every now and then we hold contests and give away some pretty cool prizes, all designed to promote the 12-string bass, the bassists who play them and the builders who make them. Over the years we have given away 45 prizes valued at well over $3,000.00, including bass strings, CD’s, posters, pickups, stomp boxes, t-shirts and jackets, and even two 12-string basses! I challenge you to find any other musician website that has an similar track record. When you have items that would be useful to other players, please send them to us to include in our next contest or to add to our online store.

Cash donations are also greatly appreciated! Maintaining a website is expensive, and tracking down new content even more so. We do not accept any kind of paid advertising or “sponsored content” and we never will, that’s a promise.

Please give generously. Thank you!

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