Customized Musicvox 12-String Basses

Interstellar vortex 12

The custom aftermarket finish on this Musicvox Space Cadet 12-string bass has been named Interstellar Vortex because when you’re travelling between the stars and about to be sucked into an interstellar vortex, this is exactly what it looks like. This finish is a vinyl skin.

This bass was originally in the Sunburst finish. It had large gouges in the top, it was covered in dust and dirt, and the hardware was rusting and corroded. One tuner had been broken. The bass looked as though it had been sitting forgotten in the corner of somebody’s garage or workshop. Once it was cleaned and structurally repaired the decision was made to use a vinyl skin to cover the old finish rather than try to work around the repairs. A temporary replacement tuner was added until the correct style could be acquired.

Before and After: The Interstellar Vortex Space Cadet 12-string bass started out in the Sunburst finish.

The truss rod cover has been left off.

Custom pickguard on a Space Cadet 12-string bass strung Inverted.