A Drug For All Seasons

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  • Bassist

  • 12-string bass

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  • F5

  • Phoenix, Arizona, USA

  • A Drug For All Seasons

  • 2005

  • Rock

  • 8712725711520

  • Dave Ellefson

  • Black Korean Hamer CH-12

  • Look You in the Eyes, Forte Sonata


F5 Bassist Dave Ellefson

After he left Megadeth, Ellefson explored a number of different musical avenues. Many were only session appearances but a few were bands formed by him such as Avian and Temple of Brutality. The most prominent and most developed of these projects that Ellefson created was F5. This album and Ellefson’s performance were not well received and the band soon split up.

Ellefson returned to Megadeth in 2010.