Something Primitive

A Promise ANd A threat

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  • Bassist

  • 12-string bass

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  • Something Primitive

  • Cranford, New Jersey, USA

  • A Promise And A Threat

  • 2005

  • Rock

  • None

  • Cory Robinson

  • Musicvox Space Cadet

  • Goldilox, Wasted Time


Cory Robinson and his Musicvox Space Cadet 12 on stage with Something Primitive at their CD release party.

Cory has played bass for many years. He plays the 12 fingerstyle and uses it on at least 90% of the songs at every gig. His first 12-string bass was a Hamer B12S he bought in 1994.

About his Musicvox Cory writes, "The Musicvox is great. It has a powerful mid-range tone and is well balanced for a 12-string bass. The pearl tuning pegs help. I also removed the preamp from it as I found it useless. The pickups are hot enough without it. The 12-string bass is THE sound for Something Primitive. Lead singer and guitarist Johnny O once likened its sound to a Mack truck driving through his living room!"

"My rig is a GK 400RB-210 with a G-K 2x10 cab with tweeter. It's got plenty of power and sounds warm. I also use a MXR M80 pedal / direct box. I use the distortion channel for the 12-string, I set the gain as low as it can go and blend it with the clean channel at about 9 o'clock on the dial. I do not use the distortion channel on my other basses."


Cory’s Musicvox 12 is also pictured in the album’s liner notes.