Customized Dean 12’s

This bass was customized by Micah Terry from Indiana. Micah writes, "I had looked at a Waterstone on eBay and then almost bought a Musicvox before settling on the Dean. I liked the shape it had for the paint job I had in mind. It is a Fuchsia Flake, which matches my Blue and Silver flake Flea basses nicely. I put some star inlay stickers on it. Bass turned out pretty sweet."

Custom Fuchsia Flake finish with star inlay stickers. The stars were later removed.

Micah continues, "The painter took some creative license, and it turned out pretty cool. Originally I was going to have him make the truss rod cover silver flake, and I was going to paint a black XII in roman numerals on it. He ended up making it a white pearl, with small rainbow flake in it. Turned out cool as it is kind of holographic, without being over the top. I was pleased. His name is Matt Tharp out of Sharpsville, Indiana. This was his first instrument project and I think he knocked it out of the park."


The fuchsia color really helps this bass stand out from crowd of transparent black Dean 12’s.


Dean Rhapsody 12 with a custom pearloid truss rod cover and mini pickguards added. The black tuners have been replaced with chrome tuners.