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  • Cheap Trick - The Long and Winding Road

  • Music Connection

  • USA

  • Vol. XII, No. 21

  • Oct 17-31, 1988

  • 14-15, 21

Music Connection Magazine has been publishing bi-weekly issues since 1977. The company is based in the Los Angeles, California, USA area.

Tom Petersson and a Hamer B12A 12-string bass.

An interesting excerpt from the article: "In true Spinal Tap fashion, co-founder (with Nielsen) and bassist Tom Petersson had married and was intent on jump starting his wife Dagmar's musical career. Petersson left Cheap Trick in 1980. "He left for medical reasons," says Nielsen only half facetiously. "He made us sick."

“As Petersson's solo project sank without a trace, his former band-mates also floundered. There were a succession of bassist and keyboardists. Only one, Jon Brant, came close to becoming a full fledged member. "Originally, the four of us were Cheap Trick, Inc.," Nielsen informs me. "When Tom left, we bought out all his shares, so it was just Robin, Bun E. and myself. We got all the bills then. The other guys never really joined the band. They were in the band, but they weren't actually members. If we had made tons of money, though, I'm sure we would have split it with Jon. He was with us six years."“

A photo of a Hamer B12A is included in the article.