Phil 12-String Bass

2006 Phil 12-string bass

Another 2006 Phil 12-string bass

The Phil 12-string bass was produced by Phil Pro Guitars in South Korea shortly before that company went out of business. According to Arne Lindbach of Vadsø, Norway, only five of these 12-string basses were produced. Lindbach bought his Phil 12 from a dealer in Norway who had purchased much of the remaining stock of Phil Pro guitars after they had closed their doors. Thus far three of these five basses have been located, all of them sold by music stores in Norway.

It is not known why Phil Pro Guitars decided to try building 12-string basses or why such a small number were made. The company would typically build inexpensive guitars.

The Phil 12-string bass incorporates an interesting combination of features common to several other brands. Most notably, the bridge and tailpiece look to be identical to the parts used by Hamer on their 12-string basses. It is likely these were acquired from Hamer since Hamer was known to sell hardware occasionally.

The bass has a transparent black finish, humbucking pick-ups, rosewood fingerboard with dot inlays, and 24 frets. Long 34” scale. Single truss rod and a set neck. The back is painted black. Schaller style tuners each have the Phil logo.

These 12-string basses were produced in 2006. They do not have serial numbers.

The bridge and tailpiece look to be identical to the hardware used on Hamer 12-string basses.

There are 8 string holes on the tailpiece with the larger hole of each pair being used for the two octave strings, just like the Hamer tailpieces.

Terje Paulsen from Kristiansand, Norway on stage with his Phil 12-string bass.

Terje Paulsen’s Phil 12-string bass and rig.