Relatively few magazines have been published that include information about or photos of a 12-string bass. There are so few magazines in fact that it may be possible for a comprehensive listing to be made.

Magazine articles can be a great source for tidbits of information that can’t be found anywhere else. Also, many times the bassist’s quotes in magazines are more accurate than their later recollections because the topics they are discussing are fresh in their minds.

Bands such as Pearl Jam and Cheap Trick have had many hundreds of articles written about them over the years in magazines published all over the world, but only a small percentage of those articles include information or photos of a 12-string bass. Some of the publications listed here may only include a photo of a 12 in action on stage, while others devote much more ink to the subject.

Your help is needed! If you know of magazines with information about the 12-string bass that should be included here, please let us know!

Some magazines that include information about the 12-string bass.