Live At the House of Blues

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  • Bassist

  • 12-string bass

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  • Goldfinger

  • Los Angeles, California, USA

  • Live At The House Of Blues

  • 2004

  • Punk Rock

  • 610337882394

  • Region 0

  • Kelly LeMeiux

  • Hamer “Ament” B12A

  • San Simeon, Open Your Eyes, Wayne Gretsky, Mable, F*ck Ted Nugent


Kelly LeMieux and his Hamer “Ament” B12A 12-string bass.

The mix on this DVD is not particularly good. The bass is buried throughout the entire performance and the sound of the 12-string bass just doesn't cut through.

Kelly LeMieux and his Hamer B12L 12-string bass performing the song ‘Tell Me’ on the Carson Daly show in 2002.

Kelly LeMieux bought his first 12-string bass, a 1997 Hamer B12L, in 2002 and used it on the Carson Daly Show. After this show he ordered a custom “Ament” style B12A bass without the boomerang inlays. He called it the Stealth Bomber. He later included a used cherry red Hamer B12S and a long scale Hamer B12A in the '59 Burst finish in his 12-string bass arsenal.

After joining Goldfinger, LeMieux played the 12-string bass on about a third of the songs in their live shows. He used an original SVT II head and played it through an 8x10 cabinet for his clean tone, which went directly to the front of house mixer. A vintage Sound City 120 MKIV custom through a 4X10 mic’d cabinet supplied the dirty sound which was blended by the soundman. The only foot pedals used were a Crybaby Bass Wah and an envelope filter.