Punch Drunk Cabaret

punch drunk cabaret

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  • 12-string bass

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  • Punch Drunk Cabaret

  • Edmonton, Alberta, Canada

  • Punch Drunk Cabaret

  • 2011

  • Rockabilly / Steampunk Swing

  • 778224288329

  • Terry Sawbones Grant

  • Waterstone

  • 18 Wheel Skid, Torero In A Teacup, Copperplated Boats


Terry Sawbones Grant and his Waterstone 12-string bass with custom checkerboard pick guard and truss rod cover.

Terry Grant has played music professionally for several decades. He once owned a 1987 Hamer B8S 8-string bass but vowed one day to "pee with the big dogs". Terry finally realized his dream with the purchase of a black Waterstone TP-12/34. His influences are Tom Petersson, Doug Pinnick and a really good mousse. Terry’s rig includes a SansAmp Bass Driver, Tonebone Bassbone, Digitech Bass Whammy and runs into a Gallien-Krueger 400RB / 210 combo plus a 15" cabinet.

Terry wrote, "I am constantly messing with the sonic combinations through my humble rig. The 12-string bass seems like an untamable beast at first but half the fun is the journey! 12stringbass.net is a life saving resource of info for a veteran player like me who still doesn't have all the answers... but I'm having a blast trying to figure it all out!"

The band often included the Waterstone 12-string bass on flyers promoting their upcoming gigs.