We’re back - and this time we brought beer!


Welcome to the rebirth of 12stringbass.net! Not only do we have this cool new website, we’re also sporting a renewed enthusiasm for spreading the Gospel about 12-string bass guitars! There is tons of new content still to add plus a lot of work remaining to convert the existing stuff into this new format, so the site will keep growing for quite a while.

Featured this month:


Emerald Guitars acoustic 12-string bass

The first acoustic 12-string bass ever made!


Custom 12-STring Basses

Musicians often create custom instruments to help express their individuality and views of the world. Many of the most interesting ideas and advancements come from custom projects, as seen in these 12’s.


Musicvox Reverse MI-5

Musicvox took their very popular MI-5 12-string bass and reversed the body.


Center Stage

Pekka Ranta from Imatra, Finland

Recording great tones and great tunes with his 12-string basses!


Unsung Musical Instruments

Unsung created many of the commonly encountered 12-string basses in use today, including brands such as Galveston and Carlo Robelli. There are in fact 7 different brands which include 18 major varieties.


Coming soon

Are there any 12-string basses made in Australia? You bet! In fact, we know of two custom bass builders from the Land of Oz, and both are taking the 12 in new and exciting directions. Fair Dinkum!