Cheap Trick Diorama

About 1980, artist Robert Karr was commissioned by Cheap Trick guitarist Rick Nielsen to create a diorama of the band, including their entire stage set-up. Working from extensive notes, hastily drawn crude diagrams, concert photos and details provided by Nielsen, Karr set to work. After several months he had finished the diorama which included CT's entire wall of amplifiers, authentic looking guitars and stage clothes, and a chain smoking Bun E. Carlos complete with cigarette butts strewn around the drum riser.


There were several different figures of Nielsen created, each with a different guitar.

The figure of Tom Petersson holds his Hamer B12A 12-string bass, which is correctly reproduced even down to the positioning of the tone controls and switches, as well as the binding on the body of the instrument.

This unique Tom Petersson action figure measures just under 9" tall and to our knowledge is the only such figure ever made that includes a 12-string bass.

After it was completed the diorama was shipped off to Nielsen, with whom it still resides today. Visitors to the Nielsen home have reported it is sitting on the mantle above the fireplace.

12-String Bass Scale Model

Hans Grimm from The Netherlands received a really cool birthday present - a scale model of his Waterstone 12-string bass! The model was made by hand from scratch out of polystyrene.

Hans writes, "It is accurate to the smallest detail. The 12 little strings are made from melted and drawn polystyrene. Even the pickup switch is in the correct 'up' position that I use."

This model was created by Johan van der Neut, an artist / drummer who started making models as a hobby and has recently started his own model making business. Johan has created a wide variety of models and dioramas. "Johan put a lot of hours into this. It's a birthday present which I will treasure always," writes Hans.

The slogan "Real men use 12 strings" was taken from a t-shirt that Hans wears.