12-String Bass Tattoos


1st 12-string bass tattoo

This 12-string bass tattoo belongs to Stevie Conlon of Chicago, Illinois. To our knowledge it is the first tattoo patterned after a 12-string bass.

It is complete with all 12 tuners and the Hamer logo.

Positioned on the upper biceps of the right arm, Stevie got this tattoo in late 2002.

Rock on, Stevie!

Tattoo Inspired by Tom Petersson

This tattoo adorns the lovely leg of Stephanie Stewart-Morgan of Sydney, Australia. She credits Tom Petersson and his customized peacock Waterstone 12-string bass as being the inspiration for it.

Stephanie writes, "I'm not sure it's that great a story - he's just an original, you know? A number of years ago I really got into Cheap Trick in a big way. I liked them before that but didn't really know much about them. Thanks to the arrival of the internet I was able to really find out more and that's when I realized what a kick arse bass player Tom is. I Want You To Want Me was the first song I ever learnt to play on the bass."

"I am mum to two autistic children so things can get stressful around here. I find if I get too wound up I retreat to my room and play my bass and it's a great escape for me. So I thought I'd better tribute the man who inspires me most in that regard."

Stephanie plays a Waterstone TP-12/34 Blue Target 12-string bass. Rock on!

While on a vacation to Japan in 2013 Stephanie was finally able to meet Tom in person. Stephanie managed to get backstage and the story is best told by Stephanie herself: "Tom's even more of a sweetheart than even I imagined. The whole meeting him thing was crazy, LOL! Robin was there too so I got to meet him very briefly too. The photo of my leg with Tom holding the autographed photo next to it was taken at Robin's request."

"Tom loved the tattoo and I couldn't have imagined a better reaction to it. The gigs were awesome. Got myself close to the front, Tom's side of course. I got plenty of attention (and a couple of picks)."

Editor’s note: OK, that settles it - time for me to take a trip to Australia to visit Steph's leg!