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Record Mirror

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  • Milwaukee Melts

  • Record Mirror

  • United Kingdom

  • January 28, 1979

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The reporter for Record Mirror was stuck in a snowstorm in Milwaukee, Wisconsin so to keep warm he went to a Cheap Trick concert. His band interview has some interesting comments, including:

“Milwaukee cops are obviously not used to a young rock audience because as the band is announced, half the audience light up matches but the cops get scared and turn the house lights on. The band think something is wrong and go offstage. This happens a couple of times until bassist Tom Petersson throws abuse at the schmuck who’s doing it and the show starts.”

“‘I Want You To Want Me’ gives drummer Bun E. Carlos and bassist Tom Petersson, playing a 12-string bass guitar, a chance to show how important they are to Cheap Trick. Petersson’s playing bass as though it’s a second guitar but he’s still able to push out a strong backing when it’s needed.”

The live music section of the magazine includes a photo of Rick Nielsen from the show at Oxford on January 26th.