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  • Daddy’s Alright

  • Gig Magazine

  • USA

  • Volume 7, Number 4

  • April, 2003

  • 20-26


There have been a variety of magazines named “Gig” over the years, all owned by different companies. In this article Tom and Rick discuss gigs and the music business. Two photos of Petersson’s green Chandler Royale 12-string bass are included.


When asked about recording live concert albums, Petersson says, “I don’t like a live album. I think live albums are terrible. I hate live albums.” Then when asked why the band’s previous two albums had been live albums he stated, “It just happened. It was just an easy way to do it.”

Really, Tom? We find this attitude to be bizarre - here is a band that owes it’s very existence and longevity to a live album, At Budokan, plus the band has continued to release live albums and DVDs. Were it not for At Budokan, Cheap Trick would have likely faded into non-existence and been forgotten decades ago.

Petersson has also stated in a live interview published by Creative Worx Motion Media on February 6, 2015 in part, "Budokan sold a couple million. But we'd had four albums before that that didn't sell anything. They lost as much money as we made on Budokan, to almost break even. When we sold two million albums there were all these other groups like Boston and Frampton and Foreigner selling ten and twelve and fifteen million albums - two million albums, it was like, embarrassing."