Unsung First Series 12-String Basses

Unsung Musical Instruments started building 12-string basses in 2000. An unusual extended upper horn was incorporated into the body in an attempt to balance the weight of the headstock with its 12 tuners. The top of the body was also routed all the way around, perhaps this was an attempt to make the upper horn appear smaller. All Unsung 12’s are 34” long scale with bolt-on necks.

The First Series 12’s are found with the brand names Galveston, Marcus Martini, and Silver Star. Others may exist.

A Silver Star, a Marcus Martini, and four Galveston 12-string basses.

All early Unsung 12’s include bat-wing inlays on the necks. These inlays were not particularly popular with players so one production run of Galveston 12-sting basses was made which incorporates standard dot inlays; these were only available in the Natural finish. A single production run of left-handed 12-string basses was also made; these also wear the Galveston brand and are finished in Transparent Black.

First Series Body Types

Type 1 has no lower horn and the 4-knob electronics.

Type 2 has a small lower horn and 4-knob electronics.

Type 3 has the lower horn and the upgraded 5-knob electronics.

There are three distinct types that are found in the First Series 12-string basses. Unsung did not differentiate these types or have any special designations for them. We find it helpful to separate them into types as it shows the changes made to these basses from their inception to the later models. Type 1 basses were built from 2000 to 2001, Type 2 basses from 2001 to 2002 and Type 3 basses also appeared about 2002.

The body on Type 1 basses extends nearly straight down the neck with only a slight dip.

Type 1 basses have no lower horn as the body extends almost straight down from the under side of the neck, and have the 4-knob electronics. Apart from the odd appearance of the Type 1 bodies, the shape makes them about impossible to play while sitting down - the bass keeps slipping off your leg because there is nothing to keep the instrument in place.

Type 2 bass bodies incorporate a small lower horn and 4-knob electronics. The Galveston 12’s with the dot inlay necks were all made in the Type 2 body style.

Type 3 basses have the small lower horn and include the upgraded 5-knob electronics that were also used in the Second Series 12-string basses. Most of the Type 3 basses are in the Antique Sunburst finish although some 12’s in the Natural finish were also made.

Galveston 12-string bass with the Type 2 body in the Transparent Black finish

Unsung First Series Specs

  • Model Number

  • Design

  • Dexterity

  • Country of Origin

  • USB-12B

  • 12-String Bass

  • Right or Left handed

  • Republic of Korea

  • Body Type

  • Body Material

  • Body Thickness

  • Body Length

  • Upper Bout

  • Lower Bout

  • Binding

  • Solid body

  • Mahogany

  • 1 3/4” (45 mm)

  • 20 1/2”

  • 12”

  • 13”

  • None

  • Construction

  • Fretboard Material

  • Neck Material

  • Nut Material

  • Nut Width

  • Width at 12th Fret

  • Scale Length

  • Frets

  • Inlays

  • Truss Rods

  • Headstock Angle

  • Bolt-on

  • Rosewood

  • Hard Maple

  • Brass

  • 2 1/8” (54 mm)

  • 2 1/2” (64 mm)

  • 34” long scale

  • 27

  • Batwing style or Dot

  • Dual

  • 12.2°

  • Neck Pick-up

  • Bridge Pick-up

  • Pre-amp Type

  • Control Layout

  • Humbucking soap bar

  • Humbucking soap bar

  • Generic active

  • Active-Passive blend knob / Volume / Bass / Mids / Treble

  • Tuners

  • Hardware Color

  • Bridge

  • Tailpiece

  • Knobs

  • Gotoh or similar

  • Black

  • Tune-o-matic 8-saddle

  • 12-hole

  • Black dome

  • Marcus Martini

  • Silver Star

  • Galveston

  • Antique Sunburst

  • Antique Sunburst

  • Antique Sunburst, Natural, Transparent Black

  • Overall Length

  • Weight

  • Strings

  • 47”

  • 10 1/2 lbs.

  • Generic