Overkill Is Just Enough

Overkill Is Just Enough - The 12-String Bassist Collection

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  • USA, The Philippines

  • Overkill Is Just Enough

  • 2008

  • Jazz, Rock, Christian, Instrumental

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"Overkill Is Just Enough" includes original songs from bands from across the USA to The Philippines and features a dozen different 12-string bassists. There is over a full hour of music. This compilation is a solid representation of the possibilities offered by the 12-string bass in a wide variety of musical styles. The album contains 15 original songs from solo pieces to complete bands and from jazz to rock, and with every song recorded using a 12-string bass. If you are a fan of the 12-string bass or if you want to hear what a 12 sounds like in a wide variety of different musical styles, then this is the album for you!

In his article for the Music Street Journal, reviewer Gary Hill wrote, "Overall this is a strong compilation. I'd bet there will be a few cuts here that blow you away. It covers a lot of musical territory. You may not get Cheap Trick on this set, but it's a great way to see how the instrument has influenced music over the years." Another reviewer writes, "Excellent CD!! If anyone out there is considering purchasing a 12ver, all they need to do is listen to this CD to hear what these basses can do. This compilation has a wonderful variety of styles performed by some of the best 12-string bass players around. Truly something for everyone along with surprisingly high-end production for a home grown album. A must have for any 12-string bass player!"

“Overkill Is Just Enough” is still available for $14.95 including shipping to anywhere in the world. Please use the email address on the Contact Us page for more information. Thanks!

Editor’s note: The expression ‘Overkill Is Just Enough’ emerged from a series of conversations in the early 1990’s between Surf and two brothers, Jim and John Rhodes, from Florence, Montana. We’re not exactly sure who first uttered the phrase but it seems entirely befitting to use it in the context of 12-string bass guitars. One interpretation of the phrase: If you’re going to be a pioneer and tackle an instrument like the 12, blaze a trail so wide that others will be encouraged to follow you.