Mother Love Bone

Mother Love Bone

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  • Bassist

  • 12-string bass

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  • Mother Love Bone

  • Seattle, Washington, USA

  • Mother Love Bone

  • 1992

  • Rock

  • None

  • Jeff Ament

  • Hamer

  • Star Dog Champion, Holy Roller


Jeff reported, “I used an older 12-string bass on two songs for a Mother Love Bone record, ‘Star Dog Champion’ and ‘Holy Roller’. When I was recording in San Francisco, I borrowed one of Tom Petersson’s basses for a week. It was a rental, and I guess someone at Polygram knew how to get a hold of him. I have a picture of myself with it somewhere.

“I had always heard my part in ‘Star Dog Champion’ as a 12-string bass. I had listened to Cheap Trick for years and years and years and totally fell in love with the sound of ‘Gonna Raise Hell’ and ‘Need Your Love’ – songs where the 12-string bass was really prominent.”