Kenny Howes’ Rickenbacker 2030 Conversion

Kenny told us, "I've been a fan of 12-string basses for some time but only have played them regularly for about three years now. (I'm mostly a guitarist). My favorite had been a Hamer B12A custom order with a B12S 30" scale neck, which belongs to a friend and former band mate."

"For the fall of 2011 and spring of 2012 I played 12-string bass six nights a week with Pat DiNizio of The Smithereens at the Riviera Casino in Las Vegas. I borrowed my friend's Hamer but the weight was too much night after night."

"Being a longtime and well-known Rickenbacker enthusiast, I designed a 12-string bass after acquiring a genuine mid 1980’s Ric 2030 body, with the neck being crafted by Paul Wilczynski of San Francisco who restores and customizes Rickenbackers under license. Paul is also a 12-string bass fan so he knew where I was going with my concept."

Kenny Howes' Rickenbacker 2030 4-String to 12-String Bass Conversion

The string arrangement is Inverted (root on top) like the Rickenbacker 8-string basses.

Kenny continues, "Like the Hamer B12S, this bass is a 30½" scale. It has 18 frets, dual truss rods, an 8-saddle Schaller bridge/tailpiece, and stock electronics (pots mounted on a circuit board, V&T x 2 with three-way toggle). Also, the nameplate is a bit larger than normal - and it still gets swallowed by the 11" headstock!"