15-String Basses

Warrior 15-String Basses

Shamray "Sledge Hammer" 15-String Bass

Made by the Shamray Custom Shop in Moscow, Russia

Mahogany body with Quilted Maple Top
Graphite-reinforced Wenge neck-thru construction
Ebony fretboard with sterling silver dot markers
Lighted (fiber-optic) side dots, 34" scale
Transparent black lacquer finish
Quilted maple headstock cap, sterling silver headstock inlay
Active EMG pickups, active EQ
Custom-made hardware

Custom Ibanez 15-String Bass made for Reginald "Fieldy" Arvizu of Korn

How are 15-string and 18-string basses tuned?
See the Tunings page.

18-String Basses

Modulus 18-String Bass and Allen Woody

Modulus made this 18-string bass for Tom Petersson in the early 1980's. It was a TBX neck-through model with a custom Stars Guitars brass bridge. According to Modulus founder Geoff Gould, it is short 30½" scale. The neck is about 2¼" wide at the nut and about 3¾" wide at the 24th fret. This bass was built about the same time that Petersson left Cheap Trick. Petersson reportedly didn't like it and it was subsequently shipped back to Modulus.

The late Allan Woody contacted Modulus about that time and asked if an 18-string “just like the one you made for Tom Petersson” could be built for him. When he was told the actual Petersson bass was available he became the new owner. It was still with him at the time of his death.


Vox Humana 18-String Bass

This 18-string bass was made by Vox Humana in The Netherlands as a custom order for a customer. They will make other 18-strings upon request. Photos courtesy of Rene van Loon at the Music Centre Vox Humana.